Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How Do I Even Begin To Describe Two Chainz?

My premier project. Dedicated to anyone who has heard of Mean Girls/ Two Chainz.


Premier Project

Took clips from my bands tour this past summer to create a fun little video depicting what we did when we were not playing music, also did cuts and transitions to a show we played last month to one of our own songs playing in the background.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Illustrator Attempt 2

Meshell Braunsdorf

Family Guy Fight Club Recut Trailer

I took the audio from a short Fight Club trailer and added video from Family Guy

Flash Attempt

Used images of lil bub and tard for a flash animation. using motion tweens and swells.

NJC (Me Estoy cojiendo pena) I feel sorry for myself

This is a music video Written by me for NJC a Dominican singer/performer. The idea behind it was to use the motion comic technique but keeping the overall style of the graphics really rough. This project is the result of the collaboration of the ANIMATOX team, a US/Dominican Republic trio of animators, writers and concept artist & Designers.

(This version may not have the audio on, but here is the link to the final product.)

Short clip made using sequential photos of a clay figure.

Premier Attempt


By using a simple combination of cuts and fades, I was able to achieve a three minute long music video with the anime film KARAS.  I added an audio score to the video and timed the rhythm to go along with scenes from the film.

Carlton Wallpaper photoshop

I took a photo of Carlton Banks, from the Prince of Bel-aire. I selected the background and then contracted my selection to make it appear he has a white border around him. Painted the background black and then added a Outer Glow layer mask to give him a purple glow.

Throw Down for a cause!

This is a logo I created for what could be a charity organization. Found a photo of the rose, cropped, changed levels, hue/saturation adjustments applied. Added text and added an blending layer mask to make text share the same texture has the rose photo underneath.

2 page spread

uploaded photo of fox found along roadside. created a "vignette" by adding a transparent to black gradient to photo. created border in the right side of image to host text with facts about animals left along roadside. image inside border darkened so text is easier to read. Added Swerve and subheadline.

Dale Harris Illustrator documents

Found image "stencil" online. Uploaded into Illustrator. Converted to vector image via Live Trace and painted and blending masks added in Photoshop.

scanned photo of scribbled line on paper. converted to vector via live trace and created symmtetry using the same method we used to create tree snowflakes. uploaded into photoshop, painted via gradient and added layer masks.